Are you getting confused between cruelty-free beauty and vegan beauty?

pexels-photo-372166.jpegThe world of animal friendly beauty can be a confusing one, a world in which there are two key terms frequently used. These two terms are cruelty-free beauty, and vegan beauty. Many people may think these mean the same thing, however, whilst they go hand in hand, they are quite different. So, what is it that makes them different?

Cruelty-free Beauty

Makeup is often tested on animals – usually rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and mice – which are kept in small cages and will never see daylight in their lives, especially as their lifespan is shortened significantly. Some of the cruelty these animals have to endure is having makeup put in their eyes to see the reaction, or the animals are forced to inhale the cosmetics. Those are just a few of the cruelties, however, as there are many more forms of torture these creatures are subjected to.

What makes a company cruelty-free, then? To be a cruelty-free company, it’s simple. They just don’t test on animals. I recommend that you read the FAQs of a company to see what they say about their cruelty-free status, however I also suggest that you check if the company sells its products in China. This is because, if a company sells cosmetics in China, they are required by law to test on animals, which means that whatever they say about animal testing, they simply are not and will not be cruelty-free (unless they stop selling in China).

I am working on a list of cruelty-free companies, so stay tuned, as I will be doing all the hard work for you! When I have completed the list, it will be linked here. But for the moment, read on to find out what vegan makeup is! EDIT: Here it is! Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Companies

pexels-photo-212236Vegan Beauty

Cosmetics are only vegan when they contain no animal ingredients. By the words animal ingredients I mean either parts of a dead animal eg. carmine, or products from the animal while it was alive eg. beeswax. There are many different names for animal ingredients in the beauty industry. These names I am going to make a post about, said post I will link here when I have written it. EDIT: here it is! Common Non-Vegan Beauty Ingredients

While there are certain ingredients to avoid, I feel you can never be completely sure if a product is vegan or not. That’s why it’s always best to see if the company has published a list of vegan products, or to contact the company directly and ask. Again, in the future my blog will include lists of companies’ vegan products, and I will be doing the work! 🙂

What do I do with this information?

Well, many people choose to use cruelty-free cosmetics only. This means that they find a cruelty-free company, and buy anything that it sells. However other people, me included, choose cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics only. This means that we find a cruelty-free company, but then only buy the products from that company that have been confirmed vegan. It does limit our options, but I promise, when you find the right products, you don’t miss out on quality.

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See you next Monday! ❤




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