Parent Companies and Animal Testing

Many people have different views on this topic. I will explain both sides of the argument before I tell you my thoughts on the subject.

The parent of a company owns that company. If a parent company of a cosmetics brand tests on animals, but the actual brand doesn’t, technically the brand is still cruelty-free.

Parent Companies and Animal Testing

Some people believe that when you buy from the cruelty-free daughter company, you are still putting money in the pockets of the animal testing parent company. Others believe that by buying from the cruelty-free daughter company, you are telling the parent company that you prefer cruelty-free makeup, for example a parent company may own two brands, one brand tests on animals, the other doesn’t. If the one that doesn’t test on animals begins making more and more profit compared to the other one, they’ll see that, and stop the other company testing on animals.

I believe in the second view. This is because companies will always change themselves for more money, and that if lots more people chose cruelty-free, they would change to cruelty-free.

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