Vegan Lip Balms UK

Vegan Lip Balms Pin

Vegan lip balms are one of the most difficult things to find as almost every single one sold has beeswax or lanolin in. However there is hope because there are more and more vegan options coming out. Read on to discover some vegan lip balms which are available in the UK.

Crazy Rumors – I like these lip balms a lot; they have the Leaping Bunny and the Cruelty-free Bunny on them, also stating that they are vegan. They come in lots of fun flavours, which is always good. So far I have had the Mint Chocolate and the Amaretto which are in the picture, and the Raspberry Sorbet. In the UK, you can buy these online, and in Holland and Barrett, which I like as there aren’t many vegan items you can buy in shops.

Crazy Rumors Lip Balms

Tarte – Tarte’s “Quench Lip Rescue” is vegan (all shades).  This would have to be bought online, as Tarte don’t have any shops in the UK, but they do have a UK site in pounds. This lip balm is £15 which is quite expensive, but they look very pretty. I can’t say what they’re like, but on the website, they have an average of 4.5 stars out of 5.

Superdrug – Superdrug is very good for vegan options, and the lip balm I’m talking about is the “Little Blue Tin” which is just petroleum jelly but a cruelty-free option, because a very popular brand isn’t cruelty-free, unfortunately. It was very cheap, less than a pound, but I probably wouldn’t buy it for lip balm again as it wasn’t very thick, I would just buy it in the winter for my nose if I get a cold.

Lush – Not every lip balm Lush does is vegan, but they clearly state which ones are, which is very helpful. The one I’ve used is the Key Lime Pie flavour, which at first I wasn’t sure if I liked, but I would definitely say I liked it now – it has certainly grown on me! It smells really nice, and also feels like there is some form of exfoliator in there, but I’m not sure if I’m supposed to feel that! I like it lots, though.


E.l.f. –  E.l.f. has a few lip care products, but I’m going to look at their “Studio Gotta Glow Lip Tint”. It’s classed as a lip treatment, because it includes shea butter to moisturise, however it is mostly a tint, it looks like. It has a review of 4.3 out of 5 stars on the website, and has some interesting colours, a pink, what looks orange but is actually peach, and a dark purple, referred to as “berry”. It’s more expensive than the rest of the brand, but looks good. They sell products online and in Superdrug.

Thank you for reading, I hope it was helpful and that I will see you this time next Monday! ❤



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