B. Superdrug Relaunch

B. is Superdrug’s own line of makeup and skin care, and every product that they produce is vegan, which is perfect alongside their policy that they will never test on animals. However, last summer, B. sold off almost all their products in a massive sale for a rebranding that has taken a long time coming if you ask me. On the up side though, only the other day B. had a launch party to which some vegan bloggers that I follow were invited to. This means that we got a sneak peek of what’s coming and I’m very excited!

All of these new products will be available from the 31st May, so be sure to tell me about the products you buy!



    • Yes I found that there old products weren’t so good, but these new ones certainly look improved. Yes, BarryM’s Lash Vegas is vegan but I didn’t like it that much. E.l.f. have lots on the Superdrug website and they look quite good, I was hoping to try one of theirs soon. The one I use at the moment is by Ilia which you have to buy online, which is a bit of a pain, but Naturisimo stock them, and you can get 10% off if it’s your first order. I hope that’s helped Xx

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