Vegan Handbags

Many handbags on the market are made of leather or suede, or just have some animal product ruining them for people who would prefer to have vegan bags. However some companies are on our side, designing amazing bags without the cruelty! Read on for a list of the best vegan bags I have come across. If I miss a brand that you love, tell me in the comments! ❤


The bag I currently use is from Wilby, and it’s the Pink Mini Tip Satchel. I love it, though the colour wasn’t what I was expecting when it arrived. On the website it looks like a bright pink, but in real life it looks more raspberry, as you can tell from the photo (which is a bit later on in the post). Whilst the colour was a surprise, I think I prefer the actual colour to the advertised colour. It’s a very cute bag, it comes with a little charm with the Wilby logo on it, which is very fancy, and I like that the adjustable strap has set settings or holes to set it to your desired length with the buckle, so it doesn’t slip as it would without them.

New Look (Not all bags are vegan)

Another good company, without specifically being vegan, is New Look. The majority of bags they produce are vegan and on trend. So far, from New Look I have a mini saddle bag, which I couldn’t find to take a picture of (oops, I wonder if I’ll ever find it…), and the Black Metallic Trim Tote Bag. The tote bag comes with a little pouch which is useful and cute at the same time. When bought it’s attached to the handle, but you can remove it if you’d like. There’s not much else to say other than that they have a large selection of bags, all different shapes and sizes, and of course, mostly vegan options.

Bag Pic 1 (angles)

Matt and Nat

What I like about Matt and Nat as a company, is that they care not only about animals, but also about the environment, and what kind of effect the materials they use have on the world. They have a wide range of products, such as bags, wallets, and even shoes, that will always be vegan. The colours they use change depending on the season, so for example, in summer the colours are lighter and brighter. I like the idea that the colours match the seasons, but I feel that in the Autumn and Winter, I don’t like the colours so much, so I would only buy in the Summer. Other than that, I like the bags.

Stella McCartney

While I would never in a million years be able to have any of these bags, I thought they would be nice to include for someone who was looking to really treat themselves or a friend/family member soon. In case you didn’t know, these bags are VERY high-end and expensive, putting themselves on the same level as some other designer brands that insist on using leather or suede. They have structured bags and slouchier bags, and bags of all different sizes and colours. All of them have the signature chain trim and handles just as other designers would have a constant theme in their ranges, too.

Debenhams (Not all bags are vegan)

I know Debenhams isn’t a brand as such and more of a stockist, but I thought I’d include them anyway as they have many brands and their website is very useful. On the website, when looking for bags, under the categories where you can refine the products, you can open the fabric category and select “view all non-leather bags” and under that category, there are far more bags than the “view all leather bags” option. I’m not sure if that gets rid of the suede bags either, but it certainly helps. It also means that you don’t have to pay much on shipping as it’s free next day click and collect on orders over £20, which most of the bags are.

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 10.47.29






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