Barry M

Barry M is a British brand which was founded in 1982. The brand has never tested on animals, and has a page on their website dedicated to the anti animal testing cause. It’s quite cheap, which is great, and they have a range of vegan products, which are clearly marked with a green logo in the ingredients on the website. Also, on their instagram, the caption will say if a product is vegan. I like this brand a lot, but not many of their eye palettes are vegan, it’s normally the special editions, but that’s better than nothing!

Some (vegan) products I have tried from Barry M are:

  • Nail polishes – there are so many colours to choose from, and most of them are vegan.
  • Lash Vegas Mascara – I’m not sure if I like this. It’s cheap so it would do, but I found that the wand would come covered in mascara, so much so you couldn’t see the bristles. I would spend forever wiping it all off, but maybe I just got a bad one.
  • Champagne and Dreams Limited Edition Palette – this is one of the limited edition palettes that are vegan. It’s really pretty, it has four eye shadows, two highlighters and a bronzer. I would have liked it if it had more eye colours, but in theory you could use everything in there on the eyes.

Barry M Pic

As you can see, most of the products from Barry M are good, and I would certainly keep buying from them. My favourite part about this company is how clear they are with what’s vegan and what’s not. Have you tried any of their products? Or do you want to recommend another brand? Make sure you comment ❤



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